Fishbone Diagram Templates

Fishbone diagrams are easily documented with either Excel or Powerpoint.

The templates below can be easily modified to fit your needs –

  • Cause groups or individual causes can be deleted by clicking on them and hitting the delete key.
  • Entire cause groups can be added by holding the shift key and clicking on on the items in a group, then using the copy and paste function to produce a copy.
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Excel template for complex situations
  • This template is good for more complex situations, with six cause groups or “bones” coming off the skeleton.
  • The first tab is a traditional fishbone diagram.
  • The second shows the causes that the team prioritized for further investigation.
Powerpoint template for simpler situations
  • This is the template used for the home page example and has three cause groups or “bones” coming off the skeleton.

See the introduction page for an overview of fishbone diagrams.