Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone diagrams organize potential causes into a graphical format that facilitates an organized approach to problem solving.  Fishbone diagrams are very helpful when (1) multiple potential causes exist and/or (2) potential causes are being communicated from multiple individuals at the same time (see how to complete a fishbone diagram for instructions).


Here is a fishbone diagram that a motor manufacturing team put together for shorted motor coils -

fishbone diagram example - motor manufacturing

Here is another example of the same fishbone diagram, with potential causes highlighted by the team for investigation -

Fishbone Diagram With Priorities Highlighted

When addressing the causes in a fishbone diagram, consider using a root cause analysis template to explore the true “root cause” and implement a lasting corrective action. ¬†Once the root cause is identified, a control plan can help sustain corrective actions over the long run.

See the templates page for the file used to create the above documents.

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